Why Winter is the Perfect Time to Buy & Sell

Buying and selling property is difficult enough for those entering the market but there’s so much more to think about other than just looking for a house within your budget.

There’s of course local amenities, can a family grow up there for example? You should also be thinking about season. Buying in winter can be vastly different to buying in summer, likewise with selling and the latter months of the year could be the perfect time to buy a new home.

It’s Cheaper To Buy In Winter

Statistics show that it’s cheaper to buy in the winter, as the market is less crowded and there’s also less demand.

If you’re not particularly fussed about finding that “ideal home” and not after specifics such as an en-suite being a deal-breaker, then buying in the winter is definitely for you. As a seller, there’s always a need to sell a house fast, and with less people buying in the winter you’ll find people taking other steps such as selling to property buying companies or simply knocking down their prices.

It’s the cut down prices you can really take advantage of. It may be harder to find the perfect home, think of the market as the boxing day sales. It’s basically all leftover stock from the previous season, but you might find a bargain or two.

Don’t Be Put Off By The Weather

One of the main reasons property is cheaper is down to the weather. The sun beating down on a home is much more appealing than when the rain is bouncing off the roof, waterlogging the garden, and making the inside of a home a little colder.

Don’t be put off by this, after all, the weather gets bad everywhere. Viewing a house in the summer doesn’t mean it’s going to be sunny all year round. Try and visualise a house in all seasons, in this case imagine the sunshine and spring of a winter viewing.

Additionally, research suggests that families prefer to move in the summer due to school term times.

No parent wants their child to move schools midway through a term, meaning there are fewer on the market for family homes come November time. This does also mean that you’re less likely to find family homes on the market at this time. It goes full circle essentially.

Why Make a Move in the Winter?

A winter move is only a good idea if you’re flexible about the home you move into. Unless you land incredibly lucky you’re not going to find everything you want from a home. Sacrifices will have to be made. You might not get the garage you were after, or an open fire or downstairs bathroom. But what you will get is a better price.

Naturally, it’s been proven that people who move in the summer are much more satisfied with their homes, but if you are genuinely open about what property you buy, the winter really is a perfect move.

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