How To Sell a Probate House

Property in probate can cause numerous problems for those inheriting it as, in most circumstances, the property is empty thus, at risk of criminal damage. The property will also incur costs such as bills and maintenance, despite no one living in the house and no one being able to until the period of probate passes.

We have dealt with numerous cases of property being sold during probate and can help with no additional difficulty. In fact, we make the process of selling your probate property for cash, as quick and as simple as possible.

There are many issues with inheriting property and when the house is approved as rightfully yours, it’s plausible there will have been stagnation in the market. The property also may require extensive refurbishment as a product of remaining uninhabited. Here at Sell House Fast Buyer, we aim to buy properties in any condition and handle all the legal fees for you . We are able to process a sale quickly and simply for you regardless of the circumstance.

You may think this as an expensive process, however, we will never ask you for a penny. We cover every expense related to the sale from the first point of contact up until to the completion of the sale.

We guarantee:

  • A cash offer on your property
  • We pay all legal fees related to the sale
  • We can release some of the fund early if needed for bills or property related costs
  • No matter the condition, we can purchase the property
  • We can complete within two weeks, or sometimes sooner if required
  • The property won’t sit on the market waiting for an offer

We also guarantee a sale quicker than can be achieved through auction and charge no fees whatsoever. Auctions incur several costs whether the property sells or not. In the majority of cases, we offer a better price than can be obtained via auction, without any fees auctions would normally charge.

Estate agents may also convince you they can get the best price for your property, but there are seemingly neverending fees and costs incurred via this method too. We remove this financial liability and the endless waiting for offers on your property and will make a guaranteed cash offer as quickly as we possibly can.

For free advice on the matter, or to begin the quick sale process, simply call us on 0800 231 2853, E-Mail us at or enter your details at our online enquiry from.

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