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The historic town of Sunderland is one of the original settlements in County Durham and has developed a reputation for its night life and (former) Premier League football team over the years. Sadly, no amount of footballing attraction nor evening entertainment can keep its struggling property market afloat.

Of late, the area is experiencing a torrid time as far as property is concerned and there is virtually zero stability in the market. Prices start to fall just as quickly as they rise with no real explanation or understanding as to why. If you need to sell a property in Sunderland but can’t take the risk on the unstable open market, now may be the time to consider a market beating alternative.

We at Sell House Fast Buyer can make you a cash offer and can complete the sale within a two week period. There is no legal jargon or confusion to worry about and, no fees to pay. We cover everything from start to finish. The price we quote for your home will be the sum you receive upon completion.

As cash buyers, the sale of your property will be handled privately with no estate agents. Agents fees can surmount to tens of thousands of pounds, a sum which comes directly out of the sale price of your property on the open market. With Sell House Fast Buyer, there are no agents, advertising or listing fees to worry about; we simply buy your property for cash.

No matter the circumstance relating to the sale, we are able to help. We have handled cases involving divorce, probate, ill health and even repossession, successfully and professionally. Our testimonials tell you all you need to know about how satisfied our clients have been with the service we provided to them.

We can purchase a property in any condition whereas estate agents may recommend refurbishment and renovation, that is simply unnecessary wit Sell House Fast Buyer. We cover everything and leave no stone unturned.

Commercial properties and land are also of interested to us. It really is very simple: just contact one of our dedicated home buying team, provide some non-intrusive details about the property and we can give you a cash offer within 48 hours – subject to an inspection.

Simply call us on 0800 231 2853, E-Mail us at, or enter your details at our online enquiry form.

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