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Southwark is a district of London with something of a shady past. Historically, Southwark was outside of the control of the City of London and became a haven for free traders and criminals who conducted trades outside the regulations. By the 14th century, control of the area had been claimed by the City of London and livery companies took over jurisdiction of the area.

Thankfully, Southwark is now a very desirable place to live South of London Bridge, causing property prices to soar in recent years. This high demand combined with inflated prices makes selling a property in Southwark pretty straightforward, however, there is an incredible premium applied in terms of legal and agent’s fees. Unfortunately, this means many sellers lose out on their investments.

We at Sell House Fast Buyer, don’t charge you as a seller when we purchase your property. We are cash buyers using our own funds and legal teams to complete the sale. There are no hidden legal fees, no surveying costs and we even cover the EPC to guarantee the offer we make on your property is a guaranteed cash sum paid to you upon completion.

How It Works

We have a very simple process from start to finish when purchasing your home:

  • Call us on  0800 231 2853, E-Mail us at, or enter your details at our online enquiry from
  • Receive an estimated offer from our research team
  • A member of our team attends your property to give you a cash offer
  • We agree a figure for your property
  • We instruct solicitors to help with the process of selling your property quickly
  • Our in-house experts guide you through every step to avoid confusion
  • We aim to complete the sale within two weeks – one of the fastest options available
  • You choose a completion date to suit you
  • We buy your property and complete the hand over

We realise sellers don’t want to be pressured into selling their property and we always leave the ball in your court. Our offers are free and there is no obligation to accept if you feel this isn’t the right option for you.

We know circumstances can dictate a need for you to sell your home, such as ill health or divorce proceedings and regularly sensitive situations. If you are in a position where selling your property is the only option available but need to take the full capital, we can help.

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