Sell House Fast Plymouth

As one of the slowest property markets in the UK, property in Plymouth can sit on the open market for years without so much as a hint of interest from prospective buyers. It’s unknown as to why the Plymouth market is struggling so much but irrespective of the reason; we can help.

Our market-beating, fast sale process cuts out the need to market and advertise your property. We handle everything ourselves, from the valuation, to the legal matters and surveying, right down to the hand over of keys and transfer of funds. Think of this as a private sale with no risks and no cost to you.

We have our own dedicated teams to handle the legal documentation and instruct our solicitors to handle your side of the process as a seller. We even cover their costs to prevent you receiving hefty bills once the transaction is completed. There is genuinely no cost to you; we cover everything and we guarantee that.

If you do need to sell a property quickly in Plymouth for any reason; we are here for you. You may need to sell a shared home due to divorce proceedings or perhaps you have inherited a property that is in a state of probate. The situation won’t affect the sale in any way, we guarantee to make an offer on your property with no obligation on your part to accept.

There are only two realistic choices when it comes to selling your home: you can list the property with an agent who will take a fortune out of your final selling price as commission along with solicitors fees and surveying costs. Or, you can contact us today by calling 0800 231 2853, E-Mailing us at, or you can complete our online enquiry form.


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