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Peterborough’s property market has begun to falter somewhat and the downturn shows few signs of stopping. Property is sitting on the market for a long time before an offer comes in and this only leads to additional costs to those selling. A situation that can be avoided thanks to a very simple process.

To sell your house in Peterborough without cost or fear extended delays in completion; simply contact Sell House Fast Buyer today. We can guarantee a cash offer on your property in as little as 48 hours and complete the sale in a fortnight. All fees on both sides are covered to guarantee the price we quote for your property is the cash sum you receive upon completion of the sale.

No matter the condition of your home, shop, pub or land in Peterborough we can help. We purchase domestic and commercial property in any condition – even if it needs refurbishment, we can still make you an offer.

How It Works

We have a very simple process from start to finish when purchasing your home:

  • Call us on 0800 231 2853, E-Mail us at, or enter your details at our online enquiry from
  • Receive an estimated offer from our research team
  • A member of our team attends your property to give you a cash offer
  • We agree a figure for your property
  • We instruct solicitors to help with the process of selling your property quickly
  • Our in-house experts guide you through every step to avoid confusion
  • We aim to complete the sale within two weeks – one of the fastest options available
  • You choose a completion date to suit you
  • We buy your property and complete the hand over

There are no costs with Sell House Fast Buyer, we cover everything from legal fees to surveying costs and never make any deductions to the offer you receive. The offer we make is 100% guaranteed to be the sum you receive. We are a no risk organisation; we don’t believe in hiding anything from our customers. Nor do we believe in confusing them with legal jargon. Our dedicated team take you through our process at a pace to suit you and everything is tailored to your needs.

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