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Newcastle is biggest city in the North East of England, famed for its nightlife and football team. However, most will be unaware about the issues affecting its property market.  Currently, Newcastle is massively struggling with one of the lowest levels of market growth in the country. There are a variety of factors causing this decline in market development.

Property in probate is just one of the problems. When inheriting a property, it must go through a lengthy process to determine whether the named benefactor is rightfully entitled to it. This means it cannot be rented, sold or resided in for a long period of time. If the property is made to remain empty, there are massive costs to pay for bills and maintenance. In addition to this, the change in law surrounding council tax exemption for empty properties means even more expense.

We at Sell House Fast Buyer, can relieve this stress by making a guaranteed cash offer on the empty property. The sale will be processed as quickly as possible and can even be brought to completion within two weeks. Listing a property on the open market or taking it to auction can incur expensive costs with no guarantee of a sale being completed – we buy your property with our own funds and can guarantee a fixed cash sum.

How It Works

We have a very simple process from start to finish when purchasing your home:

  • Call us on 0800 231 2853, E-Mail us at, or enter your details at our online enquiry from
  • Receive an estimated offer from our research team
  • A member of our team attends your property to give you a cash offer
  • We agree a figure for your property
  • We instruct solicitors to help with the process of selling your property quickly
  • Our in-house experts guide you through every step to avoid confusion
  • We aim to complete the sale within two weeks – one of the fastest options available
  • You choose a completion date to suit you
  • We buy your property and complete the hand over

We handle property sales for sellers in all kinds of situations including probate, divorce, repossession. And, we charge absolutely nothing meaning you save heaps on costly listing and estate agents’ fees.


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