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Gloucester lies close to the Welsh border and received city status for it spectacular cathedral located near the river Severn to the North of the city. The cathedral was built in the 7th century and is the burial site of King Edward II – the building has received a great deal of interest in recent times thanks to its cameo in the Harry Potter films.

The city was hit badly during the 2007 financial crisis but things worsened as 40,000 residents were affected by flooding. The property market has struggled to recover from those floods due to the ever-present threat of a repeat occurrence making it difficult to attain a mortgage.

For those who currently own property in the area, the threat of flooding is very real and selling a property in Gloucester is near on impossible with potential buyers deterred by the risk. If you do need to sell a property in Gloucester, we can help by making you a guaranteed cash offer.

To guarantee the best price for your property in the fastest time available; simply contact a member of our dedicated home buying team via Freephone on 0800 231 2853, E-Mail us at, or complete our online enquiry form.

Even if your property is in need of refurbishment or renovation, we will still make a cash offer and will even buy land and commercial properties. All of our property offers are free and with zero obligation on your part.

The price agreed at the time of inspection is the price you receive when the sale is completed. We have no hidden clauses and are always here to offer our expert advice. Many fast sale companies keep their cards close to their chest but we are different – we have your best interests at heart and will do our utmost to help.

We don’t market your home nor do we employ estate agents to sell the property on your behalf. We buy the property ourselves using our own funds and will aim to complete the sale within two weeks. Listing property is expensive, as is auctioning. We believe selling your property should not cost you a penny – we cover it all from legal fees to surveying costs.


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