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If you are looking to sell a property quickly in Croydon, Sell House Fast Buyer can help. We are able to process a cost free, cash sale in as little as two weeks with a guaranteed price assured.

Croydon is one of South London’s largest towns and is the primary settlement for the Borough of Croydon. As an area, it is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its regeneration schemes and superb overground travel options into the centre of the capital. A journey to the centre of London takes just 30-minutes – perfect for commuters.

The average house price in London is now far in excess of £1.6 million, meaning many are being priced out a move in central London. People are looking further afield for a property but still within a reasonable distance of their central workplaces.

Croydon is fast becoming the solution. The town is ideal area for people to move to if they’re growing tired of the capital itself. It boasts bustling high streets, superb transport links and lots of affordable new developments. This is helping to keep the market stimulated and ensure that prices are moving in the right direction.

The town has a lot going on at present. A new 38-storey skyscraper is under construction next to Croydon College and development for new the Westfield Centre is underway. The skyscraper is a joint development with Phoenix London and the college. The aim here is to bring 225 new high-end hotel rooms and 150 new homes.

As an area, Croydon has been longing for a new shopping centre for some time. The existing Whitgift centre boasts an archaic feel and the new Westfield will have an untold effect on the town. The complex project has been budgeted at around £1 billion and construction started early this year. Such new developments will stimulate the area greatly and encourage people and businesses to relocate to the town as it becomes more and more metropolitan.

Sadly, it isn’t all positive for Croydon. Repossession rates are one of the highest in the UK. In 2014/15, nearly 3,000 houses were repossessed in the area, equating to roughly 1 in 49 houses. Should your property be under threat of repossession, do not hesitate to contact Sell House Fast Buyer. We can help by purchasing your home and providing you with the money as you need as quickly as possible so you are able to settle your debts,

We are able to process a house sale in Croydon in a matter of weeks and guarantee a cash sum. Our quick sale process allows sellers to make their next step faster than any other method of sale. We have options for all situations and circumstances so if you think we won’t be able to help, think again. Whether you need to sell a shared home after divorce proceedings or if your home is under threat of repossession, we can help by providing bespoke services. Said services allow you to choose your completion date and we even cover the legal fees.

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