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Coventry is located in the heart of England and is the tenth largest city in the UK, boasting a population of 337,000. In truth, the city has struggled truly recover from the 2007 recession which saw property in the area lose around 30% of its value. To some extent, the market has picked up but prices are still a long way from their 2005 peak.

Property sales in Coventry have declined recently, a byproduct of this pricing slump. Sellers are hesitant to market property amid fears valuations may drop further should another financial crisis sweep the area. The worries homeowners have concerning the open market are perfectly justified and it is no surprise sellers are looking for alternatives to sell their property.

Here at Sell House Fast Buyer, we provide that alternative. Our fast home sale process can guarantee a property sale within just two weeks and, as cash buyers, we use our own funds meaning you will receive that cash sum as quickly as possible.

We are able process a property sale in as little as a fortnight, or longer if required. A completion date that suits your needs will be agreed; there’s no pressure applied to force a sale through and we never charge for our services.

The price agreed at the time of inspection is the price you will receive. There no hidden clauses and we are here to offer advice or answer your questions from beginning to end. Many other fast sale companies keep their cards close to their chest but we are different – we have your best interests at heart and will do all we can to help.

The condition of the property or the situation causing you to sell your property is irrelevant to us – we can help. We have handled a wide range of cases from shared houses being sold due to divorce proceedings to inherited property in probate, and even homes under threat of repossession.

In brief, we cover the costs of selling your property and make you a guaranteed cash offer. If you are looking to sell your property in Coventry, don’t hesitate to contact us today on 0800 231 2853, via E-Mail at, or complete our online enquiry form. Receive your free, no obligation cash offer today.

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