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Does Birmingham even need an introduction? It is one of the largest cities outside of London and in the late 18th century, was classed as the first manufacturing town in the world. Things have changed a little in recent times and Birmingham’s main focus is now on the service industry, in particular, entertainment. The Midlands is home to the Royal Ballet School, Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and many more musical venues, making Birmingham a superb place to live. Even more so if you’re fond of arts and culture.

It isn’t all good news, however, over development in the area has left the property market flooded with available homes that are undesirable thanks to their location and small size. Most listings appear to be diminutive apartments on the outskirts of town. Marketing your property in Birmingham is now rather risky, this is due interest being at an all time low and you may in fact struggle to complete a sale in less than a year. And if you do complete the sale, it’s plausible that it will be some way off the initial asking price.

Sell House Fast Buyer can make selling your Birmingham property far easier and much faster. We will by make you a guaranteed, free cash offer in as little as two days. Also, we will cover all the fees and legal matters meaning there is no cost at all to you as the seller.

In order to sell your Birmingham property fast, all you need to do is call our dedicated home buying team on 0800 231 2853, E-Mail us at or complete our online enquiry form. From this initial contact, our team will collect all the relevant details from you to generate an estimated quote for your offer.

If you are happy to proceed based on the offer, we will arrange for an inspection to be carried out at your property. The final offer remains a free, no obligation offer and if you accept we can instruct solicitors to act on both sides both sides of the sale. This will help to push for completion within two weeks.

There are no other fast home sale companies that offer a free sale process, only ourselves. Other companies may offer you up to 90% of market value but more often than not, their valuation is subject to deductions. s

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