How to Sell a House with Subsidence

Subsidence affects many properties and can have dire consequences, especially when selling your home. Subsidence occurs when a property’s foundations begin to sink into the ground and is most commonly found in areas of great elevation, above sea level and coastal properties.

Surveyors and structural engineers put in tremendous amounts of work to try and prevent subsidence affecting properties but, in many cases, it is simply unavoidable. The cost of repairing or remedying subsidence can be astronomical and many home insurance policies don’t cover it.

In brief, subsidence generally affects the external walls of a property and can push them outwards rendering the property unstable and unsafe to live in. Due to the risks involved with subsidence, affected properties cannot be mortgaged until the issue is addressed. This makes it nigh on impossible to sell.

Thankfully, we do everything we can to provide a solution if you do need to sell a property affected by subsidence. Our team of home buying experts will look to make a no obligation cash offer on your property irrespective of the condition. And where possible, we can even aim complete the sale in as little as two weeks.

You may ask why we would be interested in property affected by subsidence, but there’s no need to worry. We really are here to help, we’re very much aware of the stress that can be caused when your property is deemed unsafe to live in.

We know the cost of repairing subsidence can reach tens of thousands of pounds and if there are no finance options available to you should you need capital to invest in your subsiding home, it can be a sensitive situation. However, we will work tirelessly to provide a solution for you.

Even if the affected property is a commercial unit, we will still look to make an offer and never ask you to contribute a penny. Everything from legal fees to surveying costs is covered by us to.

If your property is affected by subsidence and you need to sell fast, simply call us on 0800 231 2853, E-Mail us at or enter your details at our online enquiry from.

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