I purchased a property but now I need cash quickly, Can I sell my house fast?

Yes. We can purchase a property regardless of how long you have been the owner. Circumstances can change at the drop of a hat and we are here to ensure you don’t have to suffer from making the wrong choice impacted by a change in fortunes.

Regardless of the circumstance or condition, we can purchase the property for cash in no time at all. You’re the one in control when you’re with Sell House Fast Buyer.

What is a cash advance?

We’re aware that many homeowners struggle with expenses incurred by their property. Thankfully, we can offer an upfront, interest free cash advance once contracts are completed and exchanged. Payment is made through our team of solicitors and we believe it is an additional sign of our financial commitment to you.

I can’t pay my mortgage, can I sell my house fast?

Missing payments on your mortgage can leave you in a lot of trouble. The monies owed accrue interest over time and before long you’ll end up owing more money than you can afford to repay. Not only will the interest make life difficult, if your broker or lender attempts to recover their money; you’ll be liable to pay their fees on top of your outstanding balance.

A quick sale to ourselves will provide the instant cash you need to stop your debts from mounting up and leaving you in an unmanageable situation that will no doubt lead to bankruptcy or repossession – or both!

Let us help you stop these problems from taking hold and relive any stresses already caused buy the threat of repossession.

My property is in bad condition, can I still sell my house quickly?

With Sell House Fast, the condition of your property doesn’t matter. On the open market, you’d lose thousands for a property in bad shape but we have no qualms buying a property in need of renovation – even if the issues are structural or planning related.

Can I sell my property fast if it is tenanted?

When we say any property in any condition, we mean any condition. That includes tenanted, commercial, farm and leasehold properties – no matter what, we can help; just get in touch with us and explain your circumstances

I am relocating to a different country, can I sell my house fast?

When we say any circumstance, we mean any circumstance and emigration is definitely a case we can help with. Moving abroad or a long way from your former home is difficult enough without going through the struggle of selling your home on the open market.

Here at Sell House Fast, we can make an offer on your property in as little as 48 hours meaning you won’t even miss early check in – you’ll be up and away with the cash in your pocket from your quick house sale.

How does a cash advance work?

Sometimes, our clients prefer to make use of our Free Cash Advance service rather than using their savings or credit cards to help cover the cost of moving. Our fast house sale service may well be one of the quickest on the market but there are always costs involved that even we can’t cover.

By offering an interest-free cash advance, we extend our support further than anyone else in today’s market can offer. As soon as contracts are exchanged, we can provide a cash advance to you. Simply ask one of our dedicated home buying team for details.

My tenant is troublesome, can I still sell my house fast?

Here at Sell House Fast Buyer, we do all we can to simplify the process of selling your property. If you have a troublesome tenant, why let them cause problems for you? We can buy your property and we can take the stress away.

Bad tenants can cause problems leave you financially and morally worse off and we are here to prevent the situation from reaching a breaking point – we offer to give you the money for your property and take care of the tenant once the deal is completed.

My dream home will sell if I don’t sell my house fast, can it be quicker?

The simple answer is yes. In urgent circumstances, we can complete a property sale in as little as 48 hours including all the legal matters meaning we can complete and exchange contracts within two days freeing up the cash you need to buy your dream home.

The perfect home doesn’t become available all that often and, when the option is there, you must take it – this is where we can help.

Don’t worry about refurbishing or rushing to put your house on the market – we take care of everything for you.

My property sale has fallen through, what now?

Selling a property on the open market leaves you very vulnerable to buyers and agents pulling out on a deal for a variety of circumstances. None of these situations are overly acceptable but they are legally recognised and, therefore, can leave you out of pocket and without the guarantee you need to sell your home.

Thankfully, when we at Sell House Fast make an offer; we stick to it. We won’t reduce our offer once you accept nor will we pull out of the deal. You are always in control and we let you decide when you want to complete the sale; it’s your property ergo it’s your sale.

I am getting divorced/separating – Can I sell my house fast?

Separation is never an easy thing to do and it can leave you living with your former spouse/partner for much longer than is tolerable for either party. It causes unnecessary friction and only makes things worse for you and your former partner – happily, there is another way.

In the instance of divorce/separation, we can handle the case as a single entity but only speak to one party at a time. This removes the need to share uncomfortable space with a former partner and opens the door to a quick sale and moving on with your life.

I’ve inherited a property, do I need to arrange a probate?

Inheriting a property is usually related to the loss of a loved one and can leave you with all manner of ambivalent feelings – the windfall could be greatly appreciated but the loss can be incredibly painful.

You may not wish to move in to or keep the property for a variety of reasons but a legal probate period can make selling the property very difficult. Here at Sell House Fast Buyer, we can purchase the property and appoint a specialist solicitor to handle the case to completion in no time at all.

We can even arrange for the contents of the house to be carefully packed and stored if required.