10 Tips to Help Sell House Fast

When selling your property, it comes down to two main factors – price and presentation. To maximise the price of your property and achieve the most appealing presentation, we offer you some tips to sell your house fast.

A house is the largest purchase many of us will ever make and is without doubt the biggest asset we have. When it comes to selling your home, we all want the best price possible. That said, simply listing a property on the market with a passive attitude is the wrong approach.

You wouldn’t sell a car without having it cleaned first to maximise its appeal so why would you list your house on the market without making it look as attractive as possible to potential buyers?

Put yourself in the buyer’s position; they need to feel as though they can picture themselves living in your property. There’s no luck involved. It’s all about creating an attractive, welcoming environment and maximising the potential of every room in the house. For example, if the property has a second bedroom but you use it for storage, store the rubbish elsewhere and present the room as a second bedroom. Maximise the potential!

When arranging viewings, do all you can to accommodate the needs of the potential buyers. It can be tiresome and irritating to have to repeatedly change your schedule to meet the needs of someone viewing your property but flexibility really is everything. Change plans, cancel meetings and do whatever it takes to ensure you can be there. You know the ins and outs of your home better than anyone. Flaunt them to the best of your ability.

Here are our detailed tips to selling your home fast:

  1. First impressions are everything. This doesn’t mean what’s behind the front door, it means the front door itself. The front of the property has to appeal to the potential buyer so tidy up the front garden, clean the garage door and clean the windows. Secure that positive first impression.

  2. The front door is a huge part of the ‘kerb appeal’ so if it’s seen better days or if the lock only works in a particular way, change it. Make it as welcoming as possible and choose an attractive, neutral colour. Decorate the area with plants. Evening viewings are very common so be sure that any outside lights work.

  3. Make the entrance as clear and open as possible. There’s nothing worse than a messy coat hook obstructing the door. Plus, potential buyers really don’t want to see an untidy table full of your unopened junk mail. Declutter and make it inviting!

  4. Lighten up! There are numerous types of energy saving bulbs that are just as bright as the electric guzzling standard bulbs. Invest in bright, efficient bulbs to brighten the house and point out the reduced cost to your bills!

  5. You may adore neon pink paint but there is every chance your potential buyers prefer something a little more neutral. To be on the safe side, paint your home in neutral colours that are easy to cover over. This makes it easy for the viewers to envisage their own decoration.

  6. Don’t go overboard on expense. If the kitchen is in dire need of replacement, take the hit on the asking price rather than replace it, you’re unlikely to recoup the outlay if you go for it. Plus, there’s every chance the buyers will change it any way. Small changes such as taps, doorknobs and lighting make a huge difference for little money. They can sometimes even be the swaying factor in a sale.

  7. Put the clutter in the gutter. It is well worth the cost of a storage unit to shift the odds and sods you don’t use on a daily basis. The piles of vinyls or complete collection of Royal Doulton figurines may mean the world to you, but they’ll be offputting to viewers. Open up the space and let them envisage their own possessions.

  8. Pets may be your favourite companions but not everyone loves a dog or a cat interfering with them during a house viewing. The best bet is to take the pets out of the house during a viewing. It also saves on having to tidy up shed hair during a viewing too.

  9. Gardens are paradise to some and nightmares to others. Either way, make sure the garden is tidy and ready for entertaining. Make it a focal point of the sale by showing it to viewers last on nicer days.

  10. Clean up your act. The house should be clean, tidy and clutter free to maximise its appeal. If there’s washing up to be done – do it. If the children’s bedrooms look as though bombs have gone off, encourage them to tidy up. To make the house smell appealing, clean some clothes ahead of the viewers arrival, or rather bake bread. This will help to make the property seem homely.

Naturally, the biggest factor in selling a home fast is the price. Setting the price too high will deter potential buyers or bring in derisory bids compared to the figure you have in mind. Equally, setting the price too low will result in offers way beneath your estimation or, even less interest. British buyers are notoriously mistrusting of something that seems too cheap – if it’s cheap, there must be something wrong with it.

Have a few agents attend the property to offer valuations and set the asking price in middle ground to find the most appropriate price. Don’t be too greedy. However, if you receive an offer, stand your ground on the asking price to maximise the potential sell house fast price.

If you follow these tips, there’s no doubt your house will sell quickly and, for the best price on the market. 

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